Here at MH HQ, we love a challenge. Think the bottle-cap challenge, the stick burpee challenge, and the clock plank challenge to name a few. And who can forget the ice bucket challenge, and the mannequin challenge? Some of these social media ‘challenges’ are created to raise awareness for certain causes, others are just for fun to prove how fit, talented or crazy you are.

The Koala Challenge has been around for a year now, but it has recently been revived due to devastating wild fires in Australia threatening these cute and cuddly creatures’ livelihood. One company in the US even pledged to help raise money for the people, firefighters, and wildlife affected by the wildfires. For every video posted on social media of someone doing the challenge, they will donate $5 (R70) to the cause.

There are two versions of the challenge.

Koala Challenge 1

This is the ‘easier’ of the two. Start by lying on a gym bench. Work your way down so that you are hanging from the underneath of the bench, and then work your way up the other side. The objective is to not touch the floor.


Koala Challenge 2

This version takes it up a few notches.  Firstly, you need two people. One that stands still (and acts as the ‘tree’), and the other (the ‘koala’) has to make their way around their partner – again, without falling, or touching the ground.

Keen to take it even further? Try over and under your partner.


Obviously, both parties need to be super strong. A solid core, as well as brute strength are vital for success. Good thing, we’ve got just the workout for you. Here’s how to build a core that will rival a gymnast’s.

Of Course There Were Fails…

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it. Even the fittest man in the world couldn’t do it.


Need Even More Inspiration?

This guy makes it look easy. And he’s only got one arm.